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Gym Update

posted by

Brittany Johnson

August 3, 2023

This was a quick update that made such a large impact.
And who doesn’t love a project that can be completed within a few weekends!

This room is located in our garage. It was previously ASU colors (Gold and Maroon) and since that just wasn’t our vibe, we decided to paint the walls white and add a beautiful wood accent wall. We also decided to add an entire wall of storage because who doesn’t need more storage!


Since this room is located inside our garage, it isn’t insulated. And if it was, it isn’t insulated very well!
In the winter it gets very chilly (there is a little wall space heater) and in the summer you have to make it your goal to workout early or you will definitely get a good sweat in! We did install a ceiling fan in here and it has made a huge difference.


What changes did we do to the room?
We added started out by painting the walls. We went with “Alabaster” in Satin
The floors were rubber before, so we didn’t have to do anything with those. But we did clean them.

We also installed more mirrors on the one wall and added a wood trim around them.
Keith installed the WVH Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels and what a difference. This is the biggest impact on the whole room. It is sound cancelling and they were SO easy to install.

I do have a couple Youtube Videos of our process / with Keith was installing the wood panels + cabinets (Note: these videos are “day in the life” not just the installation process)

Video 1 (beginning – 3:03)
Video 2 (starts at 7:45 + 12:52)
Video 3 (starts at 11:47)
GYM REVEAL (video about the whole gym)

The Wood Veneer Hub is an amazing option for adding a beautiful wall to any space in your home. It is not only adds character, but it is simple and easy to install.
We have 9′ ceilings so we did have to add another little bit (the panels are 8′ tall) to make them fit floor to ceiling. They were easy to cut and re-attach. We used a nail gun to secure it to the wall, but there are many other ways you can install these panels.
You can use this link and add code: HILLSIDEHIGHLAND at checkout to save some money.

We added the cabinets (straight off the shelf from Home Depot) and decided to go with a stacking design in the left corner to add some visual interest as well as more room for storage.
The hardware is also from Home Depot.
We also added 3 hooks from Home Depot to hand by Workout Bands from.
To keep things simple, we topped off the cabinets with a wood butcher block (also picked up from Home Depot) and it works perfectly!

Linkable Sources:

Wood Wall Link:
Wood Veneer Hub / Luxury American Walnut Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels / Code: HILLSIDEHIGHLAND (to save some $$)

Home Depot Links:
Behr Paint | Alabaster
Lower Cabinets
Upper Cabinets (2)
Top Upper Cabinet (1)
Butcher Block Top
Cabinet Drawer Pull
Cabinet Drawer Knob
Hooks for Workout Bands

Amazon Links:
Workout Bands
Balance Ball
Yoga Mats
Yoga Mat Holder
Favorite Electrolyte Powder
Workout Box

Custom Brand Light
Ceiling Fan

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