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We believed so strongly in the magic of Ranching, that we created our own Western lifestyle for our kids to grow up in.

The beauty of living in a rural community while taking advantage of the small town, slow paced life was what we felt in our heart was meant for our family. 

Keith and I grew up in the city (he grew up in the Bay Area of California and I grew up in Western Washington). Neither of us were ever really around a Farm or Ranch enough to understand the full scope of what it meant to not only work on one, but own or run one. So when we felt like it was time to give this slow burning dream of building a Ranch from scratch a chance, we knew we would have to put in the time to really learn from the ground up what it meant to care for not just a single animal but a herd. We have poured our souls into learning about proper nutrition, general care, etc. to raise these animals in the closest way to nature as possible. 

We quickly realized that where we started the Ranch just wasn’t going to be enough space. 

"We packed up our kids, moved four hours East across the State and left everything we had ever known to start a life we had never lived."

We spent most of 2020 learning, building and growing Hillside Highland Co. We are dedicated to our animals and we believe it shows in the quality of Highlands that we help facilitate into existence. We are obviously not the ones doing all the work. God’s hand is in our journey and we want our Highlands to live off His land as often as possible. 

Our goal:

Our responsibility is to create an environment in which our animals thrive, provide healthy calves and in return, grow them strong enough to go on and bless another family’s Farm or Ranch. 

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We have compiled a list of our most asked questions on Social Media and combined them into one post. 

Ranching is not one size fits all and no two journeys will look exactly the same.
We aim to answer your questions without giving a roadmap to Ranching style instruction. 


keith + brittany

Where two city dwellers chased their rural living dreams and built a Ranch from scratch with their kids in tow.

Keith and Brittany Johnson are the Husband + Wife team behind Hillside Highland Co. They have been raising purebred Highland Cattle since 2020. They raise their cattle as close to nature as possible so that their animals can go on and bless other families who also want to raise Highland Cattle.

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We have created a Western Lifestyle for our family. We share our journey on our Blog, Instagram and sell our Calves annually. 

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