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Camera Details

posted by

Brittany Johnson

January 24, 2023

I often get asked about my camera setup.
Before I sound like a know-it all, let me preface this by saying I am 100% completely self-taught (and not a photographer by any means). I love the elevated “point and shoot” category because learning a manual camera just seems way too daunting. I also love filming with my camera and I am obsessed with the quality the Sony provides.

I’ve always loved capturing the beauty in things especially when it comes to our Ranch.
Taking photos of our Highlands, kids, projects, ranch Life – you name it, I love showing you the beauty that I truly see here and hope to showcase a feeling as if you were really here.

I also don’t think you absolutely need my exact same setup to showcase the beauty you see in your everyday life however, I do love my camera + lenses and think that the tools I have do the job.

Again, because I am not a photographer, I can’t really speak much to experience with different brands but I will say, I started out with a Nikon D3500 Bundle and it was amazing! But as time went on, I wanted something just a tad bit more. We went with the Sony a7iii from Best Buy that came with a small lens (there is an amazon option for just the body – no lens). To be completely honest, I never use the lens it came with so I would recommend buying just the Body and adding quality lens options vs. the little one the bundle comes with.

We then purchased other lenses that serve different purposes. I have 2 that I naturally grab for if I am packing my camera around (#1 favorite lens) + (#2 favorite lens).

If you follow me on Instagram – I do film my Reels with my Sony and piece my content together with that footage. I love the quality it provides. I also feel like it does give you the feeling like you’re standing right next to me witnessing it for yourself. I’ll either film by just holding the camera in my hand or I will put it on this tripod.

I try and capture our story so that someday when we aren’t around, it lives on through photo and video.

As far as my editing process goes, I edit all my photos on Lightroom (Desktop Version) and have made my own presets, which I do sell [here].
For my Social Media short videos, I edit them exclusively on CapCut (app store) and I hardly ever make color edits BUT if needed, I’ll use the app VSCO for color correcting.
For any Youtube Video content, I shoot it on my DJI and I have really been loving that!

Photo Taken with Sony a7iii / Tamron 70-180mm (most outdoor photos are taken with this)

Photo Taken with Sony a7iii / Sigma 24-70mm (most indoor photos are taken with this)

Photo Taken with Sony a7iii / Sony SEL-85F18 Portrait Lens (utilized for close-ups)

All Current Tech Links: HERE

Current Camera Body:

#1 Favorite Lens:

My Other Lenses (I love these as well):

Other Camera Equipment Used:

Hope that you find this helpful! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this informative article! I have an older Sony a57 and have been looking to upgrade to a newer Sony since I love the mirrorless technology, but wanted the wifi capabilities. I also need a portrait lens and love your recs!

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